Sunday, July 15, 2012

 Since you last heard from me, I have done much scrimping, saving, fundraising, and begging. After contacting nearly 2 dozen veterinary assistance charity organizations, I was given an amazing $200 grant for Juliet to get her canine dental scaling, as well as 6 teeth extracted. Juliet still has 2 masses that are in need of aspirate drain cytology, as well as her glaucoma and arthritis that need attending to. However, she is being treated with OTC vitamins and supplements for the latter two and most importantly, her quality of life is MUCH improved since her dental surgeries. She is a happy dog, and can now eat, run and play pain free. Getting up the stairs is a bit hard for her, but she is overall a happy dog. I come to you this time in a plea for Romeo. Sadly, his conditions have taken a turn for the worse. Romeo's possible congestive heart failure has progressed from a stage one heart murmur to a stage 3 in the time span of less than 6 months. As mentioned in my previous blog, Romeo has had a cough for a while, possibly due to his heart murmur and the fact that he may have an enlarged heart possibly pushing on his trachea. As of 2 days ago, Romeo's cough has gotten significantly worse. He can no longer do ANYTHING other than lay down without having a deep, loud, terrifying coughing fit. Even the slightest movement, getting up to go outside, or drinking water, will cause him to have violent, hacking "goose-honk" coughing. We took him to the vet yesterday and spent nearly $100 on cough suppressants and antibiotics. The vet requested (once again) that we get the diagnostic tests needed to determine the cause of his cough. The vet has recommended chest x-rays and an electrocardiogram be preformed. We sadly cannot afford this, and this is a serious pressing matter. The projected cost for these 2 procedures is $485. Both Romeo and Juliet's skin masses are still of concern, as aspirate/drain seroma and a cytology are required on all of the three locations. However, we MUST find a way to get Romeo this chest x-ray and electrocardiogram ASAP. Once again, I am hoping and praying that the kindness of friends, family, strangers, and pet-lovers all over will look deep into their hearts and help these wonderful pups. Sadly, I am continuing to have severe difficulties with my finances and my pets health and getting them the veterinary care they need. I came across this wonderful website during my research for some help for my pets. I was hoping donations from this website will be able to provide us a way to get them veterinary care. As mentioned in my previous blog, I am currently a struggling student and I care for children with autism a few hours a week for a small wadge. I have three rescue kitties in addition to Romeo and Juliet. Thank you so much again for all of your support. <3

Cute video of Romeo!


  1. UPDATE: Romeo spent the ENTIRE day at the vet yesterday. Thanks to CareCredit- we got him 3 chest x-rays that just couldn't wait any longer. His heart is quite enlarged and the murmur has increased to a 4 now. ='( The vet was unsure as of the diagnosis, saying its possibly congestive heart failure, maybe the enlarged heart is pushing on the trachea causing a collapsing trachea, and he may have fluid in his lungs. So, we don't know much more than before, other than he now need to be on a life long heart medication, and a few more week of antibiotics with an added diuretic. More updates to come, thank you for your time and all that you can do to help us. <#

  2. It is official, Romeo has congestive heart failure. I have started a wish list on amazon for them, but mostly him, and prescription heart food is required. Thank you so much.